Welcome to The Magic of Life


The Magic of Life is a "funny, relatable and meaningful" educational program about Michael Gershe who survived a drunken driving incident that killed his mother and nearly himself when he was barely eight weeks old. Despite breaking almost all his bones in the incident, he went on to become a collegiate swimmer; stand-up comedian, college educator and inspirational speaker who shares his story like no other on this topic.

Michael does not subscribe to the regular "doom and gloom" philosophy when it comes to alcohol awareness programs as he combines stand up comedy, audience participation and his powerful story. The audience is not lectured to, but will  leave inspired to make smart decisions that will allow them to pursue their dreams.

He uses humor to connect with the audience before talking about not only his personal story, but issues such as peer pressure, drunk driving, binge drinking, and how alcohol can impact a student's career. The use of audience participation teaches the audience in a fun way about how their decision to use alcohol could lead to negative consequences. As a college administrator he knows first-hand how alcohol can affect a student's life.

Having been called, "one of the most touching and inspirational speakers I've ever had the pleasure to hear," Michael not only educates, but inspires the audience to pursue their dreams by understanding that life is very precious. The Magic of Life is perfect for Orientation programs, middle schools, high schools, athletic groups, Greek student organizations, general student population, military and more!

The Magic of Life is not just an alcohol awareness program or an anti-drunk driving program; it is about a mother's son sharing his story trying to make a difference. If you are looking for that special program that will leave your group inspired, contact Michael today!

Michael is also thrilled to be part of  Judge Hoover's substance abuse intervention program for the Stow Municipality in Stow, Ohio.  The Magic of Life was chosen because it was "different and refreshing than the typical drunk driving program."   Performing the program for DUI offenders will be a new and exciting experience for Michael, one that he is looking forward to. The feedback from the offenders has been incredible as they enjoy Michael's humor, honesty, and incredible story. It is an extremely emotional show not only for Michael, but for the offenders, and it's not uncommon that some big hugs happen after each presentation.

Recently, Michael developed a new, powerful, interactive,  diversity program for any age called "Jewish Born, Jamaican Raised."  Just as The Magic of Life is a tribute to his mother, Jewish Born, Jamaican Raised is a tribute to Dolly Morris who raised him and his brother as her own flesh and blood.  This program will talk about bullying, discrimination and the importance of a healthy way of dealing with it all through humor. For more information about this new program, please see the "Diversity Program" tab.

"In my 30 years in education, I have seen hundreds of school assemblies and yours was by far the best."
Louie Lusk, Prevention Specialist
Southeastern IL Counseling Centers, Inc

"You're the second speaker to ever get a standing ovation from these Bulldogs. Awesome program!"
Principal Snyder, Poland Seminary High School, Poland, OH